Pooh 2010

Who are Pooh?

POOH are musicians that have promoted, with their own personal style, an Italian musical culture with contemporary and international taste.

With a natural musicality, with years of study and “research in the field”, with a spontaneous talent their songs have become the soundtrack for almost three generations.
With true success, with international recognition and with great popularity, the real secret of their neverending story is their being professionals; together with a strong curiosity towards new technologies but most of all with a constant desire to always move ahead. Only music is not scientifically planned, everything else is: projects, choice of employees, promotional plans, stages and scenographies, marketing partners and advertising, are just some of the topics of their meetings. This is the way Pooh have always worked: with efficiency and professionality. And probably for this reason they are a real phenomenon in the Italian music industry.
A phenomenon confirmed by numbers...

Uomini Soli (audio track) 

Pooh by numbers
  • over 40 years of career
  • 3.500 concerts with more than 7.000 hours of music
  • 30 albums (excluding greatest hits and collections)
  • 3 live albums
  • 14 “telegatto” awards
  • 15 gold record awards
  • 44 platinum record awards
  • 330 songs recorded
  • 1 “best website” award
  • 23.000.000 albums sold
  • 20.000.000 singles sold
Pooh’s “First to…”
  • first band to film for tv “Un po’ del nostro tempo migliore” (1973)
  • first band to use laser technology during a concert (1978)
  • first band to produce a video clip (“Io Sono Vivo” 1979)
  • first band in Italy to release an album (“Tropico del Nord” 1983) on cd format
  • first band in Italy to release an album (“Aloha” 1984) on laser disk format
  • first band in Italy to produce a high definition video (“Uomini Soli” 1990)
  • first band to receive the “WWW Sole 24 Ore” award for the “Best Italian Musical Website of the Year” (2001)
  • first Italian artist to conceive and write a musical in Italian language, performed in a theatre especially built for the occasion
Multimedial Pooh
  • 1996: cd rom track in the “Amici per Sempre” cd
  • 1996: opening of the website
  • 1997: first internet event ( first of a long series of special events, still online on with online backstage material, premieres, live broadcasts and news
  • 1998: cd card “news card” , multimedial cd card for press
  • 2001: the website wins the “Premio WWW 2001 Sole 24 Ore” award ad “Best Italian Musical Webstie of the Year” (Art and Culture section)
  • 2004: release of the “Ascolta Tour Live 200” DVD
  • 2005: release of the “La grande Festa” DVD
  • 2006: release of the “Pooh Live 2006 – Noi con Voi” DVD
  • 2007: release of the “Noi con Voi – Deluxe Extende Version” DVD
And more…
  • cavalieri della Repubblica (1986)
  • 2 concerts at the “Sala Nervi del Vaticano” in fron of the Pope
  • their was figures appear at the “Museo delle Cere di Roma” (1986)
  • WWF ambassadors since 1987
  • Official recognition from the “Centro Studi e Ricerche dell’Accademia di Scienza e Tecnologia della Protezione Civile”
  • Rangers of Europe with honour (1998)

If you added all the weeks and all the months in the sales charts, Pooh is the only Italian artist to have spent a total of 5 years in the single charts and 11 years in the album charts!